The Next Facebook: The House Party

Isn’t the Internet so much more than just a place to hang out with friends? Many of us grew up on the Internet using services like forums (BBS, IRC) and interacting with strangers. Now, it seems, so much of our online socializing is with our real-world friends, our contact list, our existing social graph. Wouldn’t it seem more appropriate to use the Internet for the exciting powers and connectivity it enables?

Josh Miller, co-founder of Branch writes, in Musings About Text Boxes: The Next Facebook: Beyond the Address Book:

However, interacting with “strangers” online is (resoundingly) not something that “normal” people do often, if ever. Essentially, anyone who went through puberty with Facebook has only known an Internet that is filled with familiar faces. My hunch is that The Next Facebook will change that. In fact, I think that will be its core (though probably implicit) value proposition: interacting with cool people that you don’t know, or don’t know that well.

When you talk to “normal” people they’ll tell you that they don’t want to “meet strangers” or “make new friends” on the Internet — especially when framed that way. But when you observe their behavior you’ll notice that they’re obsessively curious about people they don’t know, and relish the opportunity to connect when it is socially acceptable.

Who’s going to host this “House Party”?

Photo by Chris Cooper / Krankbrother Roof Party with Tanner Ross, Wildkats & Max Chapman photo gallery